Friday, June 9, 2017


Today's film is called Infiltration.

This is the sixth animated short film in a series that accompany the video game Overwatch. I've talked about these films a couple of times before now. Don't believe me, click right here.

tldr, I think they're pretty neat.

Overwatch is described as a team-based online multiplayer first-person shooter. I still haven't played it, and probably never will. I like video games, but not enough to hook my Xbox up on-line, and if I can't get on-line, then there's no way I can fully enjoy a squad-based combat game. I know, I know, not hooked up on-line? It's like I'm living in the stone age, but y'know what? I've been flying the Death Star trench run for longer than some of you have been alive, mother fuckers. Stand-up version AND sit-down version. Try me.

Anyway, I really like these short films.

The animation is top notch, the characters are cool, the designs are good, and the stories are generally pretty fun. I'd love to watch a regular series or a feature length film in this style, or in this one too. I wish there was more of a cohesive narrative thread running through all of these, but that's a small complaint. Mostly, I'm just a fan of this world. I really like the whole post-cold war/post world war/twilight of the superheroes vibe it has going on.

This film features a new character named Sombra. She is supposed to be a kind of gray-area mercenary hacker type of thing, I guess. Basically, she's a loose cannon that looks out for herself, but she gets results! Personally, I'm not a big fan of her outfit style and design, it's way too... shoulder-paddy and accented, y'know? It's just generally over-designed like crazy. It's cool that she's Latina, at least. Fans have apparently gone fucking nuts for her signature nose "booping" for some reason. A quick Google search shows that the Boop is all over the fan community's cosplay and fan-fic and fan-art. Who knows why, but they fucking love it. What can I say, fans latch onto weird shit.

The film also features the return of grimdark fandom's favorite over-compensating power-fantasy character, Reaper, as well as one of the same fan-base's favorite overly-sexualized porny characters, Widowmaker. Both of them have appeared in previous short films. They're grim. They're dark. The people love them.

The people love them.

There's also a brief tease of the character Zarya at the end, a character who hasn't appeared in any shorts before now. She's a huge Russian woman with a big gun and questionable taste in tattoos and hairstyles. You don't get to see her actually doing anything, though... next time, I guess.

Here's the synopsis: When a Talon operation doesn't go exactly as planned, Sombra steps out of the shadows and takes control.

Well... that was brief.

Let's watch...

That was fun.

This one goes mostly light on story and heavy on the action, but the action is fun and well-choreographed, so that's not necessarily a bad thing, and it takes a sudden turn at the end and adds a strong bit of character motivation and greater narrative stuff, so... a little from Column A, and a shit ton from Column B. Unbalanced, sure, but still fun.

I continue to hold out hope for a focus on the larger connective narrative...

Sombra's got a shit-ton of abilities though. She can turn invisible. She can teleport. She can control basically everything that is even a little bit electronic apparently. And that's all on top of being able to run and jump and shoot and fight at pretty much superhuman levels. If she can do all of this in the game, she might be a little overpowered as a character. As she stands in the movie, she's pretty cool. Too bad she looks so dumb.

Can't win them all, I guess.

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