Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Baby Driver

Today's film is called Baby Driver.

Right off the bat, let me just say... I agree, it's not a great title. Honestly, it's a big obstacle for me. I hate it. It's not fun to say, and it gives such an incorrect picture as to what the film is about, I bet it even hurts the film a little at the box office. I also hate the fact that the main character is named Baby too as a result. In fact, I hate that even more. It just bugs me. I really hope there's a clever reason for that really stupid name. I assume there is, because this is an Edgar Wright film, and that means clever is the name of the game, but still... just terrible...

I love Edgar Wright. His films are fantastic. Shaun of the Dead? Hot Fuzz? The World's End? The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy are legendary. And then there's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and his old BBC TV show Spaced. I love them. They're right up my alley. Geeky, funny good times. 

I like his writing. It's witty and sharp and insightful. His scripts are tight, self-referential, and often double back on themselves, the first and second half usually mirroring themselves. He's fantastic at weaving strong, relatable themes within outrageous action and comedy. His directing is fast and colorful and exciting too. His films are often not just parodies of certain movies, but also films that are at the same time fantastic examples of that particular genre. Meaning, he doesn't just make fun of zombie movies, he makes a helluva good zombie movie.

In a nutshell, he's good stuff.

And now, he's got a new film out, or, soon, at least... And, unfortunate title aside, I am super excited. Unfortunately, the synopsis is not that great. Much like yesterday's post, there's multiple versions, depending where you go, but they're all kind of crappy...

Here's IMDB's version: After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail. 

It seems like they're leaving out a big aspect here...

Here's Wikipedia's version: A young and talented getaway driver named Baby relies on the personal beat of his preferred soundtrack, to be the best in the world of crime, as music heightens his focus and reflexes to extreme levels. A car accident as a child killed both his parents, and left him with permanent tinnitus, which he blocks out using music. He is preferred as a driver by Doc, a mastermind organizer of bank robberies and other high-earning heists. 

Ah, Wikipedia, nothing like being written by amateur committee...

Let's just watch the trailer...

One last job...

I love it. I'm a sucker for heist films. I'm also a sucker for fancy driving/car chase movies, and this one appears to not only have both, but it looks like it's set to a lively rhythm as well.

Nice bonus.

Spacey seems a little bombastic, sure, but then, that's Spacey, so that's what you get when you cast him. It's always good to see Jon Bernthal and Jon Hamm in something. Jamie Foxx... I'm not that hot on him, but I don't dislike him either. Eiza Gonzalez is an unknown quantity for me, but I see she's going to be in Robert Rodriguez's Battle Alita next year, otherwise known as "2018's Ghost in the Shell", so at least she'll have this to fall back on afterwards. Lily James? A quick googling shows that I've seen stuff with her in it, but I don't remember her at all. There's probably a reason for that. And finally, the main kid? Ansel Elgort? He's also unknown, and I'm definitely a little iffy on him. I mean, look at him... he looks like an overgrown 8 year old.

But... I trust Edgar Wright. He's made a lot of good stuff, so I trust him. You should too.

BABY DRIVER opens on June 28th.

Don't miss it,

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