Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Teddy Bears are for Lovers

Today's film is called Teddy Bears Are For Lovers.

As with most of these short films, the Director and Writers have a string of other short films in their respective IMDBs, and not much else. That's not a knock, it's just how these things seem to go. It's either other short films, or the they've worked in the Visual Effects Departments of really well-known movies. Not this time, of course, but often... Anyway, Director Almog Antonir, and the writers Matt Hawksworth and David Ernestro Vendrell have worked together on several different projects.

I have seen none of them.

Here's the synopsis: Collin, a 20-something Casanova, becomes haunted by the teddy bears he gave to his ex-girlfriends in this short horror comedy featuring a quintet of animatronic (not-so) cuddly companions.

That is a terrible synopsis. Hopefully the film is better...

That was great. Just great. I loved it.

Here is a short film that does everything a short film is supposed to. It tells a full story, no dangling plot lines or delusional "smaller piece of a bigger picture" aims, and the full story they tell is one that is realistically well within their ability to create on film. The film also serves as a nice showcases of the creators' talents, in this case, both story-wise, and the impressive puppetry and animatronics, and all without losing the narrative of the film.

Most importantly, it's fun, funny, and entertaining.

The synopsis I posted above is pretty shitty, even though it gets the basic idea of the film. A better explanation of the film is this: Over the course of his love life, this dude has given various women teddy bears, as symbols of their love. But when the dude dumped them, the women then took out their anger on the poor Teddy Bears. Now, betrayed, maimed, and pissed off, the Teddy Bears have decided to carve their revenge out of the Dude's ass.

Shit gets real.

It's a great idea, and the Writers and Directors use it perfectly. It's well shot, the pace is strong, and so is the writing. Even the set is well made. This film isn't going to blow your minds or anything, but it really is good. I'm a big fan how it introduces the story and provides the motivations as the story is in motion, no need for info-dumps or ham-fisted soliloquies or any other time-wasters like that, just an economical and smart use of dialogue. You'd think that would be too big of a deal, but watch enough of these short films, and you'll quickly see how special it really is. Best of all, this film had a specific goal in mind, and the writing shows how much they thought about the best way to accomplish this. I appreciate that. I applaud it. This is a rare thing in short films too, honestly.

Plus, the puppets look great too. They move great, and their personalities are readily apparent and distinct. I love them. From the bitter and angry ringleader Stitches, to the crazed and murderous One-Eye Barry, to the despondent Harold Huggerson, the mentally-broken Dumpy, and the loyal and valiant, but ultimately doomed Mr. Snuggles, they're all so perfect. ...And so are their deaths. Sure, sure, there's a huge Meet The Feebles vibe, but that's kind of hard to avoid with this genre, right?

In the end, Teddy Bears are for Lovers is a good time. I highly recommend checking it out.

Be nice to your teddy bears,

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