Thursday, February 9, 2017

Get Out

I love Jordan Peele. He's funny and smart, and his sketch comedy show was genius. He's shown that he's pretty reliably great, so because of this, I'll show up for any of his stuff, especially when he's writing and directing, and it looks like GET OUT.

Here's the synopsis: A young African-American man visits his Caucasian girlfriend's mysterious family estate, a place that harbors a dark secret.

Granted, that's a ridiculously vague synopsis--shit, I even added the part after the comma--but still... interesting, right? For one, right off the bat, it's obvious that GET OUT definitely isn't a straight-up comedy. In fact, it might not even have that many funny parts at all, because it's a straight-up horror film. This is new ground for Peele.

As the saying goes: He had my curiosity, but now he has my attention...

In a nutshell, the story appears to be seeped in the same paranoid terror vein of such classic films like THE STEPFORD WIVES, THE WICKER MAN, CHILDREN OF THE CORN, or even HOT FUZZ. These films are all about an outsider, someone who enters a seemingly nice community, and soon discovers this idyllic place harbors a dark and dangerous secret, often to their own mortal misfortune. This set-up lends itself so well to the film's oh-so obvious subtext (one that honestly maybe shouldn't even be called one) known as Systemic Racism, that I'm kind of surprised it hasn't been done before now... at least, that I can think of.

So here we are, with another film that suddenly seems so much more relevant when view through the reality of this backwards-ass, terrible new world we find ourselves in.

Let's watch the trailer...

I love it.

There's something about the plot of this film that just makes it extra scary. It's probably the undeniable authoritarian aspect that comes along with it, the whole systemic racism representation that really adds to the punch of the trailer. It's terrifying. There a sense of helplessness before a giant and unrelenting monolithic enemy. Then there's the hypnosis aspect? More terrifying helplessness at before undeniable outside influences. That type of stuff by itself is scary, but then there's all the weird supernatural imagery too? Are those hallucinations induced by hypnosis? Probably, I'd assume. Maybe. I don't think there's any magic going on here, but who knows. I expect this will be just your classic movie-magic type of hypnosis, the obvious metaphor of it being used as a stand-in for Cultural Erasure fits too nicely, but we shall see. Whatever the answer, I am definitely going to be seeing this in theatres.

GET OUT opens on February 24th, 2017.

Get in,

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