Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Find My Phone

Today's short film is called FIND MY PHONE. It's more of a Short Documentary, really.

The idea behind it goes like this: Anthony van der Meer was in Amsterdam when his phone was stolen. He reported it, but the thief had already ditched the SIM card and disconnected it from the Internet. It was like dust in the wind, dude. This really upset him, as it obviously would. After all, our devices are intertwined with our lives. They're our connection to the greater world. They hold personal information, personal pictures, personal connections. They hold memories. They're maps to who we are. Like it or not, they're a part of us. So, the idea of someone having all of that personal stuff nagged at him. And why wouldn't it? No one wants their dick pics out there in the wild.

Anthony couldn't help but dwell on the idea. What happened to his phone? Who took it? Where did it go? Who had it? What kind of person were they? These questions led to Anthony getting a new phone, loading it with Cerberus anti-theft software, and then allowing that phone to be stolen. He then used the anti-theft software to track the phone, and to listen in on the thief as they used it. He read their messages, and followed them around. He found out who they really were.

And then he made it all into a film...

Sounds cool, right? Let's watch.

I kind of wish Anthony had directly confronted the guy. I mean, he probably would've gotten the crap kicked out of him, but it would've made for a really nice denouement. Otherwise, as it stands, the film stops pretty abruptly. It's not like he had too many other options, but still, it does make it a little unsatisfying. It was definitely interesting the way your empathy swings back and forth for this thief, but honestly, the craziest part of the film--and the scariest part, what with a President who has used unsecured phones to light up sensitive documents--is once again being forced to confront just how easy it is for someone to patch into your electronics, and watch you masturbate.

Let's all stick a piece of paper over our cameras, huh?

Learn from other people's mistakes,

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