Friday, November 18, 2016

Call of the Empire

Yep, more Star Wars fan films.

I told you, there's no end to these things. Believe me, I've been watching them lately, there is literally no end, and I will swear under Oath that I am not misusing the word "literally". This shouldn't surprise you, really. After all, this god damn franchise is the backbone of nerdom,

Anyway, today's fan film is called Call of the Empire. It was created and directed by a man named Trevor Kerr, who describes himself as "a 3D Generalist and designer with FX/Environment experience." I don't know if that's a real description or what, but who cares? Either way, that's about it as far as this fan film's net-presence is concerned. There's no easily found website, no IMDB, no facebook link, nothing. Also, the credits on Vimeo do not credit anyone as the writer, which could perhaps be considered a bad sign.

The synopsis goes like this: Call of the Empire is a non-profit short film produced for the sole purpose of personal enjoyment of the cast, crew and all Star Wars fans. Please enjoy this addition to the Star Wars universe.

Okay, so... lots of red flags right at the start, but at two and a half minutes, how bad could it be?

Let's find out...

Ah... I see...

This was more like an Effects Reel, than it was a short film.

There's really not too much to say about this. It looked good, for the most part. The perspective on the dive (up? down?) into the clouds was a bit wonky, but otherwise, sure, it looked good. One problem I had, I'm not sure where this is supposed to take place or when. At first, I thought it was the wreckage of the Imperial presense on Endor, and this was set after the events in Return to the Jedi, but then there's a Death Star hanging in the sky, so what's that mean? I don't know. Also, a quibble... in the beginning, the titles say that there are those who are "forever loyal to Lord Vader" and shouldn't that say The Emporer? 

Whatever. This was quick and painless, more of a blink then a short film.

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