Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Today I have another example of the dreaded "Proof of Concept" short film.

I'm not sure whether RISE was intended to be a TV show, or a movie, but this Proof of Concept short film was Directed by David Karlak, and it was written by him, Patrick Melton, and Marcus Dunstan. And while I'm not specifically familiar with David Karlak's work, he was a Digital Artist on the movie Feast, which was the third or so Project Greenlight movie, which is why Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan looked kind of familiar to me. Melton and Dunstan were the guys that wrote Feast, so they were on the show occasionally, dealing with the random nonsense the Director would throw at them out of the blue. That's why I didn't recognize them right away, their pictures didn't show them sighing heavily, and then running their hands through their hair in exasperation. 

Just as an aside, if you're ever interested in some insight into how Hollywood really works, and exactly what the priorities are when they're making a movie, then you should watch the third season of Project Greenlight. After that, watch the trailer for Feast that I linked to above, and then sit down and watch the movie itself. If you do this, you'll get a glimpse into just how much a screenplay is chopped up. sewn back together, and then chopped up again during the process of making a movie.

Anyway, you can find all they want you to know about the short film RISE by clicking here.

And for the click-lazy, here's the synopsis: In the near future, sentient robots are targeted for elimination after they develop emotional symmetry to humans and a revolutionary war for their survival begins.

Honestly, that is a horribly written synopsis. That's a bad sign. I can tell what they're trying to say, but shit... come on, man, put some effort into that stuff. It's your introduction to the world.

...All right, whatever, let's do this.

Hey, that was kind of good.

I mean, it definitely wasn't a complete story or anything, which I'm usually against, but that wasn't what this film was going for. In fact, to me, this is a really good example of a Proof of Concept film done right. They have a big idea, with big concepts, in a big world, but a short amount of time, so they made it more like a movie trailer.

This was a smart move.

Doing it this way showed off their cool designs, and their cool CGI, and all while explaining what their show was about. Plus, unlike yesterday's short, RISE managed to find a possibly interesting angle to what is otherwise a pretty familiar idea, so that's definitely a point in their favor too. And for a little bit of extra oomph, they even had some recognizable star power on hand, between Rufus Sewell and the late Anton Yelchin. Sure, sure, maybe the imagery and the analogy was a little heavy-handed, but hey... it's a trailer, it needs to be sharp and clear and convey the intent. They did that.

In short, they sold me. I'm interested.

Of course, this was posted five months ago, and sadly, Anton Yelchin died somewhat recently in a pretty tragic accident, so maybe they didn't really get the chance to sell the idea to anyone else but me, but hey... it was a good effort.

Well done,

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