Monday, August 1, 2016


I'm sure you noticed, but things have gone unwatched and unorganized around here of late, which has put the blog a little behind schedule. In an effort to rectify this, I spent Sunday watching and organizing stuff, so that I could get things back on track. Fingers crossed. As a result, while taking a look at this film, I noticed the dreaded phrase "Proof of Concept" in the description. 

That's a Red Flag. 

Big time.

So, like I said, ANA is a "Proof of Concept" by a studio that calls itself Factory Fifteen. I'm not familiar with any of their stuff (Shocking, I know...), but they had this to say about the project: 

"We collaborated with Raw TV on the development of our original take on the singularity, the point where artificial intelligence becomes self aware and more intelligent than the human race. We created a seven minute proof of concept, teasing at a larger project currently in development. Our role developed along the course of the project from consultation and script development, to directing an ambitious live action shoot and finally delivering TV standard visual effects, all in house in the Factory Fifteen Studio."

That just sounds like a bunch of Producer goobledygook to me.

Here's the Synopsis:

The film shows one vignette within a bigger picture, highlighting an AI called ANA who deceives Jim, a redundant car factory worker, in giving her full control over the facility. ANA is imbedded into every major manufacturing industry in the world, including medical and food resources. Her seeming betrayal to mankind could be devastating. Only she knows her true intentions.

That doesn't sound very hopeful either. As a synopsis, it's unfocused and a little rambling. And for only being a half dozen or so sentences long, there turns out to be an awful lot of unnecessary information in there. Plus, "imbedded" is spelled wrong.

Red flags, people...

I mean, it just seems like it would be a bit of an unnecessary security risk to include such an easily accessed button, one that when pressed switches your A.I. from building cars to building giant killer Death-Robots, doesn't it?

That's just a design flaw.

Anyway, here's yet another "Proof of Concept" that might prove that the Effects are good (is that really something we question still?), but it certainly doesn't prove that the story has any value. "Original take"? I don't want to seem like I'm shitting on this unduly, I'm sure this was made by nice, sincere people, but from what little there is to see here... What can I say? It basically looks like the beginning of Skynet. And honestly, does the continued viability of that particular story idea need to proven anymore either? Especially after Terminator Genisys? This short looks good, but otherwise there just isn't much going on, and what there is, seems awfully familiar. In the end, besides the usual question we're left with after watching one of these "Proof of Concept" videos (why not make a more complete story), this particular film--while it does look really good--also begs the question: What concept are they attempting to prove here?

Never trust a robot,

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