Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Naleb, the French animation student, from yesterday's post is back again!

Today's film is called ECHOS. According to Naleb's Tumblr, it is intended to be "a reflection about addictive behaviors," and it was done during a workshop in collaboration with the Hospital Camille Claudel. This is an interesting angle, given what the film is about, so I will be watching for it.

Here's the synopsis: A girl struggles with the attraction generated by portals to other worlds.

Let's check it out.


While this one is definitely a little more fast and loose when it comes to delivering on the theme it promised than VESTIGES was, it's still an interesting piece. A lot more impressionistic than narrative, I like the designs and the music. The execution is good, but if I hadn't known that it was supposed to be a kind of statement on addiction, I wouldn't have guessed that it was. However, knowing that, I guess I can see it a little. Maybe not enough for me to applaud the end result. If it were up to me, I definitely wouldn't use that as my main selling point, but then, what do you want, it is only a minute and twenty seconds long.

Not bad, not great. All right.

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