Monday, February 8, 2016

Goutte d'Or

Time for some classy cartoon nudity, folks!

Goutte d'Or is a stop-motion short film about dead pirates and sea witches, I think. It was written and directed by Christophe Peladan. He's French, I believe, and his IMDB page is somewhat... brief. So, good? Bad? Who knows how this film will turn out... besides us in a few moments, of course. Either way, I do know there's some stop-motion boobies in it, so it can't be all bad, right?

Here's the Synopsis: Goutte d’Or is a fantastic stop-motion short film by Christophe Peladan. A love-story about a pirate and his encounter with the beautiful queen and the annoying octopus. With sword fighting and wonderful music by Les Primitives du Futur.

All right then, let's dive in!

Because ocean... get it?

Ah... L'Amour...

Despite front-loading the film with its own accolades, and having zero dialogue, Goutte d'Or turned out to be a cute and sweet little love story about a dead pirate in purgatory and a mysterious naked woman riding a broomstick and wearing a rather presumptuous octopus on her head. Truly a tale as old as time.

And that's about everything that needs to be said...

Check it out,

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