Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Today we have the short film entitled Cropped. It is a comedy/sci-fi short film by Director Chris Thomas and Writer Allan Macleod. They're complete unknowns to me, but that's good, because it means I have zero expectations.

Here's the synopsis: Cropped is about a group of UFO enthusiasts who clash with their cynical crop circle tour guide. When night falls the group have to set their differences aside when the mystery of the crop circles is revealed.

And that's pretty much all the information I have, so let's just get to it...

That was cute.

Well shot and acted, it was kind of funny with some good--if not light--character work. However, this is a short film I feel could have benefited from a little more time. The characters needed to breathe a bit more. Also, I feel like the ending needed something, some kind of callback to the beginning of the film, maybe. I mean, the rulers and planks joke was funny, but it needed to end on something sharp, a nice strong joke as punctuation. Not that I was all that disappointed, really, it was a fun five minutes or so, but without that, the film just ends and you're left wondering what the point was.

All in all, well made, but missing something.


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