Thursday, September 17, 2015

Selfie from Hell

Today's short film is called Selfie from Hell, and it's by Fuck you Zombie. Now, obviously this isn't their real name, obviously their family had their name changed when immigrating to America. It was probably Fuck you Zombiestein in the old country... Anyway, they have a Youtube channel with a pair of real quick, and pretty effective, horror short films. 

You should check them out.

So, of the two short films currently available for viewing, I wasn't as big a fan of Dreamy as I was the one I've posted below. It was good, and it really used the long hallway nicely, but in the end, I thought Selfie from Hell just worked much better.

Maybe you'll disagree...

Selfie from Hell is rooted in a pretty relatable reality. It's the story of a young lady spending her evening taking a few sexy-time selfies intended for a special someone she knows to masturbate to. Unfortunately for her, upon examining the photos, she spots something... disconcerting.

Let's watch!

Nice, right? Quick and to the point. The story is clear. The rules are firm. There's tons of tension. It's a traditional horror tale in the way that "bad/sex behavior" gets you killed, but it embraces a new way to impart that "lesson". This is a really well done and clever short film, folks.

Nice job, Mr. you Zombie!

Selfies kill,

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