Friday, August 14, 2015


Today's short film is called Momentum. It's another Proof of Concept trailer. I've mentioned some of these before, like The Leviathan and Chasseur for example. It's by Gadget-Bot and Shyft Productions, with the created by credit shared between Robert Simons, Mark Yang, and Peggy Chung. They've all worked in some capacity on some pretty recognizable projects. Michael Chance is the Director. He was the guy behind Project Arbiter, a WWII cyborg super soldier short film that I was luke-warm on here about a year and a half ago. 

Momentum is a sci-fi film as well, but this one is set in the future, and it looks like it's basically going to be a cross between Deathrace 2000 and the early-era Playstation One Game called Wipeout, which is probably the most 90s game ever made, I think. It was fun, but, come on, man... it was featured in Hackers, for God's sake. "Well, it looks like I'm on top," said Crash Override, as he cinched the high score, and Acidburn clenched her shapely jaw...

Anyway, here's the synopsis: In a high-stakes world of hover-car racing, a single father must figure out if his family life is worth the unlikely chance at fame and fortune.

Let's watch...

It's hard to judge a Proof of Concept trailer in the traditional way, because it doesn't have the same pacing as a regular trailer, and it isn't trying to tell a complete story like short film would. If the acting is wooden, and the scenes seem a little cliched, well... this isn't the real product, they're painting in broad strokes here, because this is just to net possible investors. What they're trying to do here, is sell the idea... the concept, as it were. So that's what I'll judge it by. Unfortunately, looked at from that angle, I think they failed. Mostly I think this is due to some wrong decisions as to what they should be showcasing, but honestly, it's also due to the special effects.

First off, they're trying to sell this idea to make it into a feature, right, so what's your big selling point? Is it the continued efforts of a broken down single father to redeem the mistakes of his past and repair his relationship with his estranged and self-destructive daughter, but... y'know... in a sci-fi setting? Or is it a really super fucking fast and ridiculously dangerous race in futuristic hover sleds?

Hmmm... I wonder...?

Which brings us to the second problem, and that is, when they did show us the racing, I didn't feel the speed at all. In fact, while watching the trailer, these racing hover sleds seemed kind of slow. I realize this whole thing was probably made on the cheap just to show off the ideas--they did use a Kickstarter after all--but that's just it... this is meant to SHOW OFF THE IDEAS, that's literally why it exists, and for me, it just didn't pull that off. Some of the CGI looked really awkward, which could be excusable because of budgetary restrictions, but still, you have to do your best to mask that kind of thing. It basically needed to be faster, and maybe dustier, in order to cover that awkwardness. In short, I felt that the race needed tension, and that it just didn't have any.

Not sold,

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