Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Meatbrains is an animated short film created as a graduation project by Bellecour Entertainment. It's about two space bounty hunters whose bank accounts have been hacked by the galaxy's most infamous villain, so they head out to collect some payback.

It's in french, but subtitled, so... there's that. Just fyi.

Take a look.

That was some pretty good animation, right? The designs were maybe a little too reminiscent of the Borderlands video game series, but that's all right, I guess. I'm not calling it a rip-off or anything, I'm just saying it was familiar. Either way, the film itself was fun. I was a little disappointed in how the story sidelined the female Bounty Hunter for majority of the film. I wasn't so into that. Otherwise, it was generally well-done, fast, and it looked good.

Not a bad effort.


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