Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spy vs Guy

This short film is called Spy vs. Guy

The official synopsis: A retired Russian spy hunts down dangerous technology after it falls into unsuspecting hands. Directed by Seth Worley, and written by Seth, Micah Lanier, Neil Hoppe, and Aharon Rabinowitz under the Red Giant banner.

And that's about all I know...

Let's watch.

Not bad. Kind of funny, in a pretty classically slapstick kind of way. Very Peter Sellers. And all while tipping its hat to the old Spy vs. Spy comic. Some of it was really funny, actually. The message delivery system disguised as Weather Alerts made me laugh. It looked good too, kind of a Le Carre aesthetic going on. I really liked the wildly complex, but archaic machinery of his support system, and the amazing-but-dated superspy gear it would provide him. I liked it.

Worth a watch,

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