Thursday, March 5, 2015

Le Gouffre

Le Gouffe is the first animated short film from Lightning Boy Studio, which is out of Montreal. They ran a Kickstarter to get this film off the ground, and it was ridiculously successful. The resulting film is a tense, ten minute long, dialogue-free tale about a pair of friends who need to build a bridge across a broad chasm.

Take a look...

Well, shit...

That was actually pretty good. I love that it didn't go like I expected it to at all. Nice. This was a great little short film about working against impossible odds. It's about sacrifice, the power of friendship, and hope. I really liked this. It looked good, the music fit, the characters were clear and well-drawn. It had a great ending. The story was tense and yet touching. It walked the line of being a little too sweet, too obvious, but I really think the film pulled it. All around, this was a very good job. The whole wordless thing was a little distracting at times, maybe, but whatever. In the end, that's a small complaint. You should definitely take the time to check this one out.

Good stuff,

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