Thursday, March 19, 2015

C (299.792 km/s)

Today we have a short film called C (299.792 km/s), it's by Seaquark Films. It's... an odd film. I'm not really sure how to describe it for you before you've seen it. It's not bad or anything, just kind of... odd. Here's the synopsis: C is the story of Lieutenant Commander Malleck and her radical act of mutiny during an interplanetary cold war.

All right, if you say so...

Let's watch.

Okay, so... first off: There's a really odd cadence to this film, isn't there? It's almost like it's an old BBC show, or maybe some sort of a music video, but with the song missing? Or maybe it reminds me of an old video game cut scene where English is not the first language, or where the dialogue was programmed by a computer? Maybe? Kind of? I don't know. That's not really it, but I can't really put my finger on what it puts me in mind of. Maybe it's all of these at once. Either way, it's an odd duck, that's for sure. I do think it looked pretty good for an obviously "made on the cheap" sci-fi film. And, while the story is pretty vague in the larger sense--Interplanetary Cold War... What?--the characters and their relation to each other was sketched out pretty well. This was fun. I enjoyed it.

It's no Space-whale Hunt, but all in all...? Not too bad. Odd, sure, but not too bad.

Check it out,

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