Monday, February 23, 2015

The Two Of Us

This short film is called The Two Of Us.

It's a seven minute animated fantasy film by an artist named Pierre De Menezes, who just graduated from EMCA in Paris, and it features music by Quentin Szuwarski, who is maybe from Belgium. Obviously, I am not familiar with either one of them or their work, but I stumbled across this while perusing the Internet, you know how that stuff goes.

Anyway... The Two Of Us is the story of a boy and girl on the run in a fantasy world.

Let's watch...

Simple and clear, I liked that. I loved the colors and backgrounds. It felt very french, I think. There were some cool ideas in there. I liked the Tar Soldiers, that was interesting. I also liked the way the ruins were placed, like the broken aqueducts on the way to the lake. That was good. I like smart background details like that. The animation might not be the smoothest, but it is a graduation film, so whatever.

All in all, good stuff.


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