Thursday, February 26, 2015

Films I'm looking forward to: The Dead Lands

Nope, it's not a zombie movie, The Dead Lands is actually about a young Maori tribesman, the only survivor when his people are slaughtered by a rival group. His journey of bloody vengeance begins when he teams up with an older warrior, and the two basically start whooping ass left and right. Honestly, that sounds perfect to me. Sometimes I love nothing more than a well-done, bare bones, straight-forward action film. It's classic. Plus, I'm a huge fan of the Haka, but hey... who isn't, amirite? Also, just fyi, The Dead Lands is rated R for one reason, and one reason only...

"Brutal, bloody violence"

Sweet. Let's do this...

Oh yeah. That's the stuff. That is the stuff right there.

April 17th, kids.

Can't wait,

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