Friday, February 20, 2015


Today we have a short film by Eli Sasich, While I don't know much about Eli Sasich's stuff, I did happen to notice that one of the Visual Effects Supervisors is Ryan Wieber of Ryan vs. Dorkman Youtube fame, so that's cool, if you're into Internet Memes, I guess. Anyway, the film is called ATROPA, and according to the ridiculously short synopsis, it is... the story of an Off-World Detective investigating a missing research vessel.

How vaguely riveting...

Let's take a look anyway.

Huh... Well, it certainly looked good, I think. Very reminiscent of Aliens, design-wise. I liked that. I really hope the Syfy Channel's upcoming adaptation of James S. A. Corey's book series The Expanse will look as good. I hope... but I'm doubtful, given Syfy's track record and the really god damn stupid way they spell their name. Otherwise, I don't know. Did I miss something? What was the "twist" at the end about? Now, granted, it may be my own fault, but there seemed to be a lot of innuendo and inference floating back and forth across the table that had no discernable context. I mean, who were they and what the fuck were they talking about? What were they doing? And then it just kind of ended on a seemingly unrelated WTF moment. Am I wrong? Also: "Special Thanks to William Gibson"? Hmm... I wonder what for... I mean, besides being generally awesome.

Anyway, if you've got any answers, feel free to chime in.


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