Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heat vs Repulsion

Today we have an animated short by a 19 year old Chinese kid named Optical Core. I'm pretty sure that's not his birth name, but I do wonder if he self-applied, or if he has a different nickname and this is just the result of the translation from Chinese to English.

Not that it matters, I guess...

Anyway, Heat vs Repulsion is the story of two undefined Gods on a rocky shore just beating the unholy crap out of each other. I added the "undefined Gods" part for reasons that are probably already at least partially apparent from the pictures I posted above, the rest of which will become clear after you actually watch the short. In a nutshell: Not big on Narrative. But don't let any kind of underwhelmed initial impression dissuade you from checking this out, it's pretty kick ass.

Let's watch...

Pretty cool, huh?

Turns out Purple was the bad guy, I guess. I knew it. He just seemed like a jerk right from the start, right? Green had heart. Plus, he rallied to win the fight to the beat of a pretty rockin' Asian Pop Song, so yeah, obviously he's the good guy. Or at least, that's my take.

What's yours?

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