Wednesday, November 12, 2014


This is the last short film I have to post--It's been a long list lately, right?--and judging by the few pictures I've seen, this one is either Post-apocalyptic, or it's set in Australia. Written by Julius Avery and Directed by Michael Spiccia, Yardbird is the story of a young girl with a secret power. It's a power that terrifies her, so she hides out in junkyard, until the day she is forced to come out of hiding and take on some local bullies tormenting her father.

So... Carrie, right? That's what we've got here? It's basically Carrie, right?

Let's find out.

So, yes... Carrie. Kinda. But a good version, really. I liked this one. It was good looking, spare and grimy (Australia), and focused on a single story with clear motivations, and told it really well. There were good performances too, and the effects were well done. The CGI was a little clumsy around the edges maybe, but not too much, and it was used judiciously, so big thumbs up all around.

This one is worth watching.

Good job,


the library bird said...

like this. loved the kitty in the box under the bed.

Jon said...

Yeah, the cat made the ending even more satisfying