Monday, October 27, 2014

Future Relic 02

Today we have a short film by Daniel Arsham. It's called Future Relic 02. It's about a worker--played by James Franco--who spends his days underground, indexing and destroying objects from a past civilization. And that's just about all I've got on that. I mean, except for Franco, of course, I couldn't really find any information about this project at all, except what you just read and an overly arty website that wasn't any help at all to anyone.

But, y'know... Franco is cool, so let's check it out.

Yeah... That was sure something, huh? According to the legend of the press release, it took them four days to shoot that in Arsham's Brooklyn Studio. That last sentence is very illuminating after having seen the film, right? Yep. Anyway, so it's a little arty and unfocused, at least narrative-wise, but it looked good, so there's that. But other than that, there's not much else going on, I guess. In the end? Ephemeral wisps, people. Ephemeral wisps.

I suppose it's part of larger series, but... ppphhhbbbtttt...

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