Friday, September 26, 2014

Films I'm looking forward to - Jupiter Ascending (The Story Trailer)

I'm a fan of the Wachowski siblings.

Generally. I didn't like the Matrix sequels, and while I can appreciate Speed Racer, I have zero interest in it. But otherwise, yes... I am very much a fan of their work. And lucky me, their latest film, the eventually someday hopefully coming soon in February epic space opera called Jupiter Ascending seems to contain all of the reasons why I love their stuff so much.

First off, it just looks cool. Yes, the Wachowskis wear their influences on their sleeves for all to see, but... well, I like those influences too, so fuck it. It also looks like the film has got some great action going on, and much like the Matrix, that action seems new and different, not your usual fare. Which is good, because the big end wrestling match at the Fire and Steam Factory bores the poop outta me. It also looks big and dopey and fun, and I really love that. I want genre properties like this to take themselves and their worlds seriously, but I also want them to be human, not so po-faced, y'know? You can usually count on that from the Wachowskis, but at the same time, they also love them some huge sweeping statements, especially "Love will conquer All". It's sappy, yes, but they're a very earnest pair, apparently. They're definitely very sincere. At least, that's my impression. But... this is a difficult line to walk. I mean, this is why the first Matrix worked so well and the Matrix sequels flopped on their faces so hard, right? So, while failure to pull off their big, dopey theme might kill the movie, I still appreciate the effort, because when it works, it works. Plus, sincerity is a good thing. Another thing I like that I see in this latest trailer? The Wachowskis are insanely imaginative. The first two trailers for this movie have seemed insane, just insane, like unbelievable insane, like something straight out of your head and completely unfilmable insane. I'm so excited to see this stuff realized on screen. I hope it works, because it looks amazing. I've talked about this film before. A couple of times. Remember? Take a look. Here's the teaser. And here's the first trailer. Insane, right? I told you, didn't I? Visually stupendous. 

In a nutshell, it looks like the type of wondrous sci-fi that can ignite imaginations.

But will it be any good?

A fair question. That's always a concern with any big film, especially when they skate head-long out toward The Weird like this one does. The narrative ice gets thinner out there. There's more room to run, sure, but if you lean too hard, it'll break beneath you. The Wachowskis are not immune to this trap. It's definitely happened before to them, so I can understand that worry.

But fear no more! Happy day! Happy day! 

What we have here today is what is known as "the story trailer". This is how it usually works, my friends. The teaser is pure appetizer. It's supposed to catch your attention. It's supposed to... tease. Get it? Next comes the first full length trailer, and that one is the big introduction. The first trailer is all visuals and hints and glimpses and a few "cool" moments. It will often give you the setting, but not the context. It's still a tease really, but it's a lingering one. And then, after you've seen the first trailer for a bit and you've had a chance to get comfortable with it... bam... here comes the story trailer. The story trailer is the who, what, why, and where of it all. It lays it all out. It says: "Here's the stakes. Drink it in, people." It's like the back cover of that novel you're considering buying. These are the steps to how they introduce a new film to you. 

This is also how I knew The Dark Knight Rises was going to have issues, by the way...

No story trailer. Big tip-off.

But no such worries here! Upon viewing this trailer (hold your water, we'll get to it...), it looks like the Wachowskis are gonna go big and simple with the story, my friends, they're keeping it classic, know what I mean? Well, "simple" in quotes, of course. There's ancient intergalactic corporations, planetary genocide, reincarnated royalty, some dog soldiers, and some anti-gravity skates too, but otherwise, yeah... "simple". Real pulp sci-fi. Which to me means: fun. Hopefully. But either way, they are definitely going for grand. This film looks epic. Like the type of Space Opera we haven't seen in years... or ever, maybe. 

But will it be good? 

Well, I guess we'll see. Like I said, that big, sappy line of sincerity is a difficult one to walk, and they did push back the release date too. From this summer to February of 2015. The official story is the extra time was needed to complete the special effects. That's a very plausible excuse. However, others say that Edge of Tomorrow's extremely undeservedly luke-warm box office reception made Warner Bros get a little bit of cold feet. This is also entirely plausible, and isn't really the movie's fault, so it could be that. Or maybe the film is terrible. Who knows? Releasing a movie in February is not exactly a vote of confidence, y'know? Whatever. Maybe it'll be good, maybe it won't. We'll find out in February. Personally, I'm hoping for good.

Let's watch the trailer...

Man, oh man... I am so in,


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