Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's new with me. What's new with you?

I've been putting off doing one of these for awhile now, mostly because things have been up in the air a bit lately, but it's just been too long, right? What am I talking about? You long time readers out there can probably guess what's coming... that's right, kids, it's time for some...

Yep. What's up with me? What's up with my writing?

For those of you who follow the Scribblerati blog, you've probably heard about how I recently broke my computer by accidentally shoving it off the edge of the table. This was a bit of a derailment as far as my writing was concerned. At the time, I was in the middle of a new book/thing and it was during a part that was being particularly difficult, so the forced time off during the repair process pretty much sent that writing project flaming and smoking straight into the ditch. I tried to yank it back out of there. I tried to get the engine to kick over and get her back on the road, but... well... 

...I think it's done. At least for now.

So what's next?

I'm working on it. I have identified four (4) ideas that are basically ready to be worked on. Five, if you count The Impossible Virginia Dare, but I don't. That book has been blown up by two different and successful pieces of genre-work so far. Lev Grossman's excellent Magicians series killed my idea for an outcast teen at an American School of Magic-based book, even though it was about different shit and had more to do with alternate dimensions, it was still covering enough of the same ground to make me uncomfortable. Then the fantastic TV show Orphan Black came along with their really cool clone-based story line and detonated my alternate dimension versions of the same person all warring against each other story. Again, it wasn't exactly the same, but fuck it... close enough. In today's market, why step up to the plate with one strike already against you, right? I figure, who needs the comparison, even if it's not an entirely correct one. The world has no time for nuances, people. I haven't completely given up on the story, of course. There's a good character there, there's good ideas there, but it's all in pieces right now, and so I'm stuck in a holding pattern with the story, waiting to see if it's going to show me a new shape or not. Fingers crossed. We'll see...

In the meantime, like I said, I have four ideas that could develop into viable novels...

One is a space opera/broken earth dual story idea that's a spin-off from a couple of short stories I've done, I guess it could be classified as a long distance romance. Another is a dystopian-future crime story based off an article about civilians trespassing on Army artillery ranges in order to salvage scrap metal. The third is fantasy novel about a group of common soldiers trying to walk home through a ravaged countryside after their side loses a vicious war for the crown. The fourth and final one is a super villain heist story. My plan is to write the 1st chapters of each one, just to work the muscles out a little and jumpstart the idea juices a bit and then hopefully I can use that energy to start drafting some outlines. We'll play it by ear, best case scenario, I end up with four ideas pre-packaged and ready to go. Worst case... whatever.

I've already written one. It went well. Three more to go.

Once I've finished that little idea/project, then I'll be moving on to 2nd drafting my book Monsters. You might remember me talking about it from a while back, it was the one that was basically a fantasy Dirty Dozen vs. a Dragon in a post-apocalyptic future rife with wild magic. For you new kids out there, the end result was that I wasn't all that happy with the 1st draft, not to mention the title, so I set it aside to percolate a bit. It's been over a year or so, and in the time since I've had some pretty good new ideas on it, so I think I'm ready to start rewriting/re-drafting it. I've also come up with a new title. 

I'm calling it: Agatha Ironhand.

After that, well... that's several ideas down the road, so whatever. I still plan of re-visiting Gunslingers of the Apocalypse and final drafting that off the last critique I got, but that book's kind of trunked, so no big rush. The zeitgeist has moved on, y'know? I do have a couple of other ideas, but they're still baby-ideas. They're not even crawling, let alone defining their own worlds for me, so they're all on the backburner for now.

Last, but not least, my short story Harris is back again with the good people at Onyx Neon. Here's my author's interview with them... I'm so charming. Anyway, you might recall that they originally published it in their short story collection Cifiscape Vol. II, which you can purchase right here

Or... you can wait.

Y'see, that's the big news here, my friends, Onyx Neon is now doing an on-line short story initiative called Onyx Neon Shorts (Got a short story to submit? Click here), so in just a short amount of time you'll be able to purchase my short story and download it directly to your e-reader thingy. Welcome to the future, people. I am your King. I know a lot of you out there have wanted to give me some of your money for quite some time now, well... here's your chance. Don't let it pass you by. No one wants to look back on that kind of regret.

And that's it, that's what's up with me.

What's up with you?

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