Wednesday, July 2, 2014


So yeah, I've got a few short films to share with all y'all and here's the latest one. It's called NOVR and it's directed by Geoff O'Rourke and written by Geoff and (presumably) his friend Shane Ronan.

From the synopsis...

The film follows two soldiers who have destiny thrown upon them when they discover what might be humanities only hope - in a war they have already lost. A NOVR.

Whatever the hell a "NOVR" is...

What an awful presentation, right? And I don't just meant the ridiculously terrible and completely unnecessary color palette either... well, kind of... Mostly I'm talking about the shitty Vimeo Player. It's like two inches tall! What a shit player.

So, the film? First off, I love the gun toss in the cabin. What the fuck? How ridiculous was that? Why would you do that from two feet away? I can just hear the embarrassingly unaware blocking conversation that took place before filming too. "They're so ready! They're so prepared!" It's so dumb... You know they practiced that throw like a dozen times too. It also seemed like there was a lot of nonsense dialogue going on too, like characters are often talking just to fill a scene... or to distract from the bombastic score... Lines like: "If we're gonna get out of here, we're gonna need some cover," says unnamed soldier number one as he runs into a ton of gunfire that is coming from the very soldiers he was just talking to on the radio, otherwise known as... covering fire... Hmmm. There's also a lot of character interaction that doesn't really jive with the supposed desperate importance of the situation, most of that seemingly filled with cheap tough-guy talk, conversations by the bastard children of all those arty cops and robbers films of the 90s, probably something crappy like Boondocks Saints. Oh, and the action movie cliches... the film is stuffed to bulging, people. Stuffed to bulging. It was like they were following a check list. Ridiculous.

AND... here's another short film where its synopsis seems barely connected to the actual film. At least... I think its barely connected, I couldn't really understand anything the creepy baby voice said. I hope it wasn't important... probably not. I mean... What "destiny was thrown upon them"?

In the end, this film seems to me like a really good example of where the democratization of film and the availability of decent-ish looking special effects have led to some small-time filmmakers over-reaching a bit. Or maybe a lot. It's not that it's that bad or anything, there's some talent on display here, sure... but what is this film exactly? I mean, this isn't a story at all. It's a 15 minute long tease for a larger story that will never be told. What is that? What's the point? I appreciate the effort and the creativity, but maybe it's better to pull the focus back a little when it comes to your first couple times at bat. Especially when you can't afford shit, and when telling the story means you need a long lead-in explanation to start off and a trilogy of feature length films in order to finish.

Plus, I missed just whatever the fuck a "NOVR" was... a star-child, I guess? Whatever.

What do you think?

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