Thursday, May 22, 2014

Films I'm looking forward to - Monsters 2: Dark Continent

I kind of like this trailer.

But... Monsters 2: The Dark Continent feels like it has taken a little too long to get here. The first film--just called Monsters by current Godzilla Director Gareth Edwards--was released in 2010. Four years is a little longer of a time-frame than you usually see when it comes to most planned sequels, meaning this will most likely be an unplanned and thematically incongruent sequel at best, and nothing but a loud and cheap splatterfest cash-in on what was otherwise an interesting little sci-fi film at worst.

Y'see... the first film was interesting for several reasons. It was a simple idea, simply done. Set in a world where extraterrestrial flora and fauna has spread out wildly from the site of a crashed meteorite, resulting in the quarantining of a large swath of land between Mexico and Texas, there is now a continual battle between the Natives (us) and the New-comers (a kind of seemingly docile, but maybe hostile walking Octopus type of creature). We're trying to hold back their inexorable encroachment, but the alien beasts are constantly battering away at the large wall erected along the American border. (Spot that Allegory!) Unfortunately, a rich man's daughter is trapped on the wrong side, so he hires a dude-guy to go in and get her. After that, it's a kind of dystopian road film starring dude-guy and bratty-chick. Along the way they learn a little bit about themselves AND each other. They also learn to love...

The really interesting bit is supposedly a lot of the scenes were improvised along the side of the road in Mexico with just the Director, the camera, and the actors. And the most surprising thing about that? This doesn't hurt the film. It works. And the effects blend seamlessly. The aliens seem like any other animal, a strange and often dangerous type of animal, but they fit in. They look right. It's a really fun film. Once you see it, it's apparent why Edwards got a shot at the new Godzilla.  

Let's take a look at the trailer...

So, my main worry is that the film is going to try to replicate what Aliens did and turn a contemplative and smallscope vision of larger sci-fi ideas into a rip-roaring action-extravaganza, but most likely without the skill someone like James Cameron brings to a project. In other words... Direct-to-Video garbage, man.

BUT... like I said, I kind of like the trailer, so let's hope not.

We shall see,

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Anonymous said...

It does look cool... and like it could fail miserably.