Wednesday, April 23, 2014


PROXiMITY is a short film by Ryan Connolly and Seth Worley. They don't seem to really have a website for the film, which is weird, so I linked to what I found. I don't know... That's the Internet, I guess. Very professional and not shoddy and cheap at all. Anyway, from IMDB page:

After waking to find their ankles rigged with proximity triggered bombs, two men find themselves bound together while being forced to play a twisted game of survival as they are hunted by their captors.

A bit of a run-on sentence there, huh? Seriously though, I love how they were able to work the title into the synopsis. Way to ring that bell, guys. "Wait... Proximity triggered bombs?? Proximity? Why, that's the title of the movie! Oooooh... it's all so clear now..." Heh... Okay, so let's do a little pre-viewing speculation from off of all these hints: the lack of a real website, the half-ass synopsis containing the title, the mere fact that it's on the internet exclusively... none of this really inspires much confidence for me, but... fuck it, let's give it a shot and see what's what, right?

Surely we've watched worse...

...And don't call me Shirley.

So what do we have here? To start with, we have your basic Battle Royale set-up, the twist of course being in the title: everyone is collared and paired off and the pairs have to stay in close... wait for it... proximity. See what they did there?

There's some basic visual cues for simple visualizations: Good guys in white, bad guys in black, yadda, yadda, yadda. simple, but effective enough for shorthand. In the plus column for them, there's some really good action here. Not to mention some great tension with a really good use of the beeping and the lights on the ankle collars. That was all really well done. And it definitely looks great too. Professional lighting. Good camerawork. A lot of short films and amateur efforts really under-estimate the importance of all that, so good on these guys.

The downside is the weak ending, of course. It needed more of an explanation, more of a reveal of the whole set-up at the end. What was going on? Who was running it? For what purpose? And why did the White Shirt Winner end up as one of the Black Shirts at the end? I mean... that's the meat of the whole thing, right? Or was it just a chase film? If it was... eh, that definitely lowers my opinion of it, changing it to the short film version of a Michael Bay film, all sound and fury, y'know? I don't see the point of that kind of shit.

Either way, the weirdest part of all is that it mentions at the end that you can go to this weird half-ass paysite and download a High Quality version of the short that comes with the "bonus" of an hour of special features... What? An hour? What the fuck for? An hour of special features about an 11 minute short film? Ah... no thanks.

Oh well, these things happen, people.

Let's just move on,

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