Friday, April 25, 2014

Films I'm looking forward to - The Rover

By now, I'm sure all of you cool cats out there know exactly what to expect when you come to my blog and see a title like this: Films I'm looking forward to. It denotes a series of posts collectively concerned with... guess... No... No.... Nope, close... No... Man, you guys are really bad at this, so I'll just tell you. It's a series of posts chronicling all of the upcoming films that I am looking forward to seeing. You can read the list in its entirety by clicking here.

Pretty good list, huh?

Well here's the latest one...

Director David Michod isn't a big name, not yet at least, but I really enjoyed Animal Kingdom. I'm pretty sure it was his first film. It's a slow-burning tale of tension and tragedy, abuse and murder among a family of Australian criminals. Is that an oxymoron? HA-ha... I kid... Anyway, The Rover is his follow-up. It's about a man traveling alone through what looks like a Post Peak-Oil World, who gets his truck stolen by a road gang. He then forces the wounded gang-member that was left behind to aid him on a quest of bloody revenge, tracking the others to a desolate town in the Australian outback. So... just so we're clear... Basically, it's a Post-Apocalyptic Neo-western set in Australia?

Yeah. I'm very interested.

Let's watch...

First of all, Guy Pearce. Hooray. He's great. Secondly, apparently Robert Pattinson doesn't suck in this, both because he's actually good as the wounded gang member, but also because he doesn't play a vampire... Anyway, like I said: I'm very interested. Does this surprise you at all? It shouldn't. Seriously, it's Post-Apocalyptic. It's a Post-Apocalyptic revenge-driven road film. It's an AUSTRALIAN Post-Apocalyptic revenge-driven road film! Australian Post-Apocalypses are the most crazy of all Post-Apocalypses!

Can. Not. Wait,

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