Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Films I'm looking forward to - Godzilla, the Asia Trailer

I know, I've posted about this film before.

While the first trailer was most definitely fantastic, this new trailer--labelled as the "Asia" trailer (I assume because it's being show in Asia, I guess? Also, am I alone in thinking that it's weird it's called the "Asia" trailer and not the "Asian" trailer? That's weird, right? Whatever... anyway...)--this new trailer is so far beyond fantastic... I am flabbergasted, people. That's right: Flabbergasted. All of the reasons that I loved the first trailer remain on display here, front and center, but then this trailer takes all of that and cranks it up to 11. Seriously, people, if you've ever liked a giant monster movie in your life, then you need to check this out. 

I'll wait. Take your time.

Whoa. Right? Seriously, ridiculously incredible. That roar...

I once met Peter Winther at some art thing in L.A.. He had worked on the horrible failure that was Godzilla in 1998. And since we were the only two people there who really weren't interested in why everyone else was there, we ended up at the bar chatting. This was long before Lord of the Rings had come out, Peter Jackson had just secured the rights and the rumor was: Three movies. We were very excited. The Prequels were still on their way too, so we talked excitedly about seeing them as well... we had no idea, y'see... we didn't know... But anyway, several drinks later, I finally said:

"So let me ask you, man..." I said.
"Here we go," he said, resigned, but good-natured.
"What happened?"
"I mean, the atomic breath..."
"I know."
"What happened?"
"We just thought a more realistic take would be cool..." and then the look he gave me betrayed his hindsight view of that decision.
"But isn't it cooler when he fights another monster?" I asked.
He just nodded and took a drink, "yep."

C'est la vie...

Lucky for us, Director Gareth Edwards appears to know exactly what Godzilla is all about, what's cool, what works, his purpose, his origin, his whole metaphor. From this trailer it seems like he's nailed the look, he's nailed the action, and best of all: he's nailed the theme. Multiple monsters. Giant monster battles. And the only thing that can save us is something that might actually be worse, an uncontrollable force of nature, a monster of our own creation, a God who doesn't give a fuck about us at all. So perfect. But to me, the best part is, this film looks exactly like how I always remember the old films looking when I was a kid, even though the reality was the complete opposite.

In a word: Awesome.

Let them fight,

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