Thursday, April 24, 2014


Time for another short film!

As evidenced by yesterday's post, I stumble across short films every now and then and decide to post them here. Most skew toward a certain direction of interest, but some are admittedly only tangentially related to the stuff I usually go on and on about (Comics, Sci-fi Movies, Myself), so when I saw this one, I thought: "Well... it does have a robot in it...", so I put it up. Anton Chistiakov and Mikhail Dmitriev--two people I am not familiar with at all, mostly likely because it looks like this is the only thing they've really done and put out there--wrote, directed, and produced. It's called Bibo, and it's the story of a robot who has long out-lasted his creators.

Let's watch together, shall we?

A classic trope: The things we leave behind. Very melancholy, as required. It certainly looked great, but I don't know if there's much else going on there. Maybe it needed a little more regret, a little more longing, a little more of the tangible loss for the character. It was on the right track, I think, but in the end it fell a little short.

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