Monday, March 3, 2014

Orphan Black Season 2 Teaser

Oh boy. I loved the first season of Orphan Black. Loved it. I blogged about it here. It came out of nowhere and was simply awesome. Tatiana Maslany is incredible. Incredible. And the show itself? Twisting and turning and funny and smart and so not what you would expect it to be, since the end of the first season, I have been breathlessly anticipating the next one. Well, maybe not "breathlessly", but close enough. It was just that good, folks. Sometimes hyperbole is the only way, y'know?

And now, finally, the first teaser for season two...

Pretty cool, right? It's just a teaser, so of course it tells you nothing, but that's all right, it's still pretty cool. Besides, there will be more soon enough.

Can't wait,

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