Friday, March 21, 2014

More Orphan Black!

I've talked about Orphan Black a couple of times now. I talked all about the First Season here. And just recently I was somewhat giddy over the release of the first teaser for Season Two right here. If you haven't read either one of those, for one: I'm so glad to hear about your recent escape from that desert island, and two: feel free to click through and peruse a bit, I'll wait. Or, y'know... tl;dr: Wooo! Orphan Black!

Whatever's clever, my friend.

All caught up? Right on. Full speed ahead.

So as awesome as all that was, guess what, kids! The reason for this post is because a longer trailer for Season Two was released a little while ago and it is crazy-pants awesome time. Let's watch...

It's gonna be so good. The first season was weird and original and fun and funny and dark and creepy. Just a good time. I'm really excited to see what they do next. And really, Tatiana Maslany is one talented SOB, man. I think I might re-watch Season One just to be ready. Well, if I have time, that is. Which I don't, which is problematic. Hmmmm... hey, wait a minute... if I were to clone myself...


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