Monday, March 31, 2014

Films I'm looking forward to - The Only Lovers Left Alive

Okay, sure, Vampires are a bit played out. More than a bit actually. But this looks cool. Super cool, in fact. I've actually been waiting for this film for a long time now. I mean, there's a real short list of Directors out there I would tolerate making a movie about vampiric ennui and very few people I would actually like to see star in it... and they've all somehow come together. How could I not be excited for it? Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston in a Jim Jarmusch film about an aimless pair of ancient and too-cool vampires living in the modern world? Ah... yes, please. Thank you. I'll take that right now.

What? You don't get it, do you? "Ugh, vampires..." you're thinking. Look, man, just watch the trailer and be honest: How could you not want to see this immediately?

Heh. Blood pops...


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