Friday, March 28, 2014

Films I am looking forward to - The Raid 2

Did you see the first Raid? Maybe not. If not, WTF, people? Come on. I listed it in my top ten favorite films of 2012. It's only one of the most relentless and supremely kick ass films I've ever see. It's a total blast. Directed by Gareth Evans, The Raid is an Indonesian martial arts action extravaganza about a team of cops raiding (DING! DING! DING!) a 15 story apartment building. On the top floor is the dangerous crime boss they are looking to arrest. Standing between the cops and the crime boss is a ton of bad guys. A not insignificant amount of fighting commences... 

And now we have The Raid 2

Let's watch the trailer.

Oh, man... It looks like shit goes absolutely crazy. Even better, while the plot of The Raid was by no means bad, it wasn't exactly complex either (although it didn't need to be). In The Raid 2, I hear the plot is actually interesting and well done, much more sprawling crime drama akin to The Godfather (supposedly) then just endless cans of Whoop-Ass being cracked open all up in this bitch (which is definitely not a bad thing). This time out, we see Rama return, forced to go undercover to infiltrate a ruthless Jakarta crime syndicate in order to expose police corruption and protect his family. A literal army of bad guys stand in his way. I think it's probably safe to assume that there will be quite a bit of Indonesian Kick-Assery going on.

Everybody dance now!

Anyway, the film opened this weekend, but it looks like it's only in a limited release so far, just the coasts and overseas, so keep your eye open. Because when or if this film hits a theatre near you, this is definitely one you'll want to go see. I can hardly wait.

Don't make me kick you in the face,

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