Sunday, March 16, 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight

I like the Batman Arkham games. They're fun, they're cool, and they always come with these great little movies called Cinematics. I'm a fan.

That being said, I still haven't finished Arkham City yet. I mean, I finished the main story awhile back, but all the extra bits and additional characters? Nope. Not even close. Mostly, it's due to time constraints, but also, things like the Zsasz missions where you're chasing the ringing phones? Hate those. The swooping ones too. But on the upside, I still have the side-stories where I get to play as Catwoman and Harley Quinn respectively, so that'll be fun. All together, with all of that still to go, plus the Challenge Levels and all the trophies? I'm maybe 70% done.

I'm a slow Gamer.

But someday soon-ish I'm totally going to get it all done. I will. Eventually. Of course, to be honest, lately I've mostly just been swinging idly around the city and randomly beating the crap out of any thugs I happen upon, but hey... it's fun. But yeah, I know, I'm behind. I should hurry up and polish off Arkham City, because there's still Arkham Origins to pick up. I haven't even purchased that one yet. I will, but only after I finish up Arkham City. See, I have a rule about my game purchases: I'm only allowed one example of any specific type of game at a time. Finish one and get another. That's my rule. I'm sure I've mentioned it before. Just like I'm sure I've also mentioned how much I love these Cinematics that occasional accompany new game releases. In fact, I'm sure I mentioned all of this in the same post even, right here.

The reason I bring this all up is that, well... there's a new Batman game out. It's another in the Arkham series. It's called Arkham Knight. So now, where I was once kind of behind in the series, now I'm really behind. I need to pick up the pace. In a nutshell, where Arkham Asylum all took place within Gotham's infamous and ridiculously sieve-like loony bin, and Arkham City took place within a flooded and ruined Gotham neighborhood  that had been walled off and turned into a rioting Prison, and Arkham Origins takes us back in time to an early Batman adventure, Arkham Knight apparently takes place within the crime-ridden and seemingly perpetually rainy sum totality of Gotham City and features an alliance of super villains on a blood-thirsty rampage, I don't know... breaking stuff and cackling evilly, basically just like any other week in Gotham City's history. Why do people live there? Anyway, it sounds awesome, like Grand Theft Auto with Batman, so I'm very interested.

And to bring this post full circle, a new Cinematic was put out to announce the game's release. Like I said, I like the style of these things. They all come from a group called Blur Studio apparently. So, good on them. They do good work.

Let's watch this new one...

Okay, sure, it's... not the best one they've ever done, narrative-wise at least. It leans pretty heavily into the overly dour tone some of the less-than-awesome Bat-fans really drool over, which is admittedly a prevalent tone in these games, but still... a little heavy-handed and self-important. I mean, it's fucking Batman, not King Lear, people, so relax a bit.

But... I like the animation style. Plus, I'm sure the game will be fun, the others certainly have been. Although... notice how the Scarecrow tells everyone to evacuate the city in the trailer? That's kind of disappointing, since it means there won't be any random civilians wandering about the city streets and getting in the way, and as a result, force the players to use a little finesse while playing, which would increase the difficulty a little by making the players use Batman in a more restrained and honorable good guy type of way instead of as a general rip-roaring tornado of pleather-wrapped kick-assery. It also means that this game will probably just end up being a larger version of Arkham City, which maybe is not a bad thing, but it's not really an evolved thing either, game-wise at least. 

BUT... you do get to drive the batmobile this time, so...

Vroom-vroom, bitches,

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