Friday, January 31, 2014

Films I'm looking forward to - Zero Theorem

Well, hell, kids... that month went by quick, huh? I almost missed it. The first month of the new year down and nary a post from Yours Truly. That is shameful, people, damn shameful. I've been planning on getting over here for some time now, but you know how it is, sometimes the days get away from you. Of course, I've been busy, it's not like I've spent ALL my time picking my butt. On the homefront, the City Snowplows and I have reignited our eternal war over whether the snow belongs in the street or in my driveway, and I swear by all that is holy, I shall not yield. The jerks. Plus, I've also taken an intriguing writing side-route and started dabbling on a different project. It's been very encouraging so far. We'll talk about this in a later post though, because today is about something else. Also, mark your calendars, because in the next week or so I'll be posting my yearly Oscar pics. I'm not going to completely catch up on some of the films I'm missing this year, but I'll probably be able to see a few this weekend, which will get me to a point where I feel like I'm pretty informed, at least no less than most schmoos, so keep an eye out, if you're interested.

In the meantime, there is this. The Zero Theorem is the latest film by a perennial favorite of mine: Terry Gilliam, man of Monty Python, he of Brazil, Time Bandits, Baron Munchhausen, 12 Monkeys fame... just to name a few. Several of his films appeared somewhat recently on my Filmzilla Eulogy Staff Picks List: The Hot 100. He's a Director who is seemingly constantly at war with the studios, so it's always nice when he is able to release another film.

And so here we are: The Zero Theorem.

Let's watch...

Weird, huh? And so totally recognizably Gilliam. I can't wait.

Good stuff,

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