Saturday, November 16, 2013


Before you say anything, I know, I know, it's another short film.

There's been a few here lately, hasn't there? I know it. And you were probably expecting my new Writing Update post, weren't you? Sorry, kids, I've been putting it off. I'll do it soon. I will. Really, I promise. It's on the list. I need to do that, and it's my turn for the next Scribblerati blog, too. I was supposed to do that on Friday, but, well... that came and went, huh? But before I get started on any of that, I have to finish up a couple of sections from my WIP and send it out for the next Scribblerati meeting. I'll be doing that this weekend. The work is piling up, people. What can I say? I've been lazy. I'll admit it. Between the New Job and the adjustment to the resulting New Schedule, not to mention how Daylight Savings Time came lumbering in and screwed up my internal clock... Plus, it's getting cold... I've been totally lazy with my writing. Rest assured, I'm adjusting. I'll get back on it, but in the meantime?

Check this shit out...

Yeah, not much on story, but it's well done and certainly looks cool. The designs are a bit derivative, maybe more than a bit... They could tone back the swelling orchestra some too, but hey, the thing's all atmosphere, right? Also, why is it called Azarkant? I don't know... Russia?

Not bad, not great,

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