Sunday, October 20, 2013


I have a couple more of these animated short films posts waiting in my queue, but I've actually been pretty busy lately with my new job and my current writing WIP, not to mention a stack of books and movies to consume, so I haven't had as much time to take care of this stuff as I'd like. My plan is to push out the last few I have on tap and then, hopefully by week's end, I'll post a long-overdue writing update. After that? Well, the future is a dark road heading out into the unknown, kids...

So what we have today is a very on-the-nose race against time. On-the-nose is okay though, it's just a short film, so sometimes simple is better. Plus, it's cool. So, it gets a little leeway. I like the design and the little world-building details especially. I'm not usually a fan of the type of CGI animation model you can see here, especially in the main character's face, but they handle it well enough, and like I said, it's a short film, it looks pretty good, so good on them.

Anyway, you're here, you've obviously got five minutes, take a look.

Next time they should go faster,

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