Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wonder Woman

It's been hard not to notice lately that while DC and Warner Bros have been dragging their feet on the making of a Wonder Woman movie, claiming that the character and her origin are too "tricky", Marvel is going: "Here's a movie starring a Space Raccoon with a machine gun."

I guess it's not really all that surprising, so far the one thing Warner Bros and DC have consistently shown they can do right is stick their heads up their own asses. They even dropped a Joss Whedon version a few years ago, something I imagine ended up resulting in a bunch of firings in the wake of the Avengers movie. I mean, to be fair, I understand a little bit of trepidation. Yes, it's true... Wonder Woman has no real definitive story. She has no villains of any real note, and barely any supporting cast to speak of, especially when compared to characters like Superman and Batman and Spider-man and probably even Iron Man now. In fact, it would probably be fair to say that most people only really know her by her accouterments: Her Golden Lasso of Truth, her star-spangled one-piece and Boomarang tiara, her bulletproof bracelets and invisible jet, yadda, yadda, yadda. People know the accessories instead of who she is.

And that's the oddest thing about her.

Despite most people knowing pretty much nothing about the actual character, she's one of the most recognizable super heroes in the world. She's definitely the most recognizable female one. Otherwise, she's in the top three, easily. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. That's how it goes. Superman is the Earthbound God, the alien protector, the child of the sun, while Batman is his opposite, the Dark Knight, a creature of shadows, the driven human.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is a super strong bad ass hero of ancient legend. Like Hercules and Perseus, her origins are tied directly into Greek myths. She lives in a world of mists and magic. She fights monsters and demons and wrathful Gods. That's fertile ground. That's epic ground. And if no one really knows her because her origins and supporting cast are so transient, imagine the creative freedom. To me, she sounds like the perfect mix, the best of both worlds, an incredibly well known media property with very few Continuity chains to chafe at the latest version. You're worried modern audiences won't relate? Make her relateable. And it's not like audiences aren't receptive to fantasy. Lord of the Rings? Hello? Not to mention the fact that they made two of those shitty new Clash of the Titans movies. Marvel made Thor! Crazy-ass Space God Thor! And in November they're releasing Thor 2! Yeah, yeah, sure, Wonder Woman used to be featured in her own now silly-looking TV show. That was years ago, and the image of Linda Carter spinning in a circle is one that is quickly fading from the public conscience, one that can be replaced with something like this:

It seems so simple, so why no Wonder Woman movie? Oh, wait... Woman... I see... Sad. In the meantime, here's some super-cool animated shorts that can be found on the DC Nation Youtube channel. Check them out, they're awesome.

"Knew it."

Seriously though, before we wrap this up, I have two questions about the invisible jet:
1. What's the point of it being invisible, if everyone can see you when you're in it?
2. Why have a jet--invisible or otherwise--if you can fly?

Never understood that.

And then of course, there's this:

Wonder Woman!

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