Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Zero Charisma

Here's something to keep an eye out for...

What'd you think? 

I don't know much about this film. I know it was much loved down at SXSW, winning the Audience Award, and it has been very well reviewed all over the Internet. For awhile now, it's been one of those films that is really easy to read about, but pretty hard to actually come across a chance to see, an all too common and frustrating reality in these heady days of the World Wide Web.

I'm sure you can relate...

Well fret no more, my lovely friends, because those days are now over--at least for this film (but not for Willow Creek, damn it... someday, someday...), as the folks over at The Nerdist and Tribeca Film have decided to team up and co-release this film in early October of this year. Woooo! That's one for the good guys, people. I'm excited. Are you excited? You should be excited. Let's keep an eye out for this little film together, ok? Okay!


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