Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pacific Rim - the Final Trailer

Oh, man...

With less than a week left, a mere three days until its release, the final trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Giant Mecha vs. Giant Monster movie Pacific Rim is out and ready to make your head explode from a giddy mixture of excitement and a pure disbelief that something so incredibly cool and original could actually get made by modern-day Hollywood. You've probably caught a glimpse of it during the latest big ad push.

It has been playing a lot, hasn't it? Seems like more than usual, huh?

You wanna know why?

Apparently the film isn't tracking that well with many demographics (Non-Nerds), at least besides the obvious target ones (Nerds). Normally this means nothing, because tracking is unscientific nonsense, and shit, they obviously didn't listen to any of the pre-release tracking before plunging ahead on their ill-advised and shitty Lone Ranger movie, right? But due to the fact Pacific Rim has zero pre-existing media to exploit and use as a Box Office cushion, the Horrible Suits are supposedly getting a little bit weak in the knees over the idea that not enough people know about this movie. Apparently, they feel none of the previous trailers showed enough of the film's human storyline, a necessary element when trying to convince non-geeks to spend their hard-earned money on a Giant Monster vs. Giant Mecha movie, so... Media Blitz!

You'll notice the tonal and story-focus switch when you check out the new trailer.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a good thing. It certainly can't hurt. In fact, if it encourages more people to go see the movie and as a result, the film ends up doing well, then that will encourage the Horrible Suits to greenlight more original sci-fi properties. And that's a win-win, right, kids?

Let's watch the trailer...

Oh, man...

I will be seeing this in New York City,

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