Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tetra Vaal

I've been mentioning Director Neill Blomkamp here a lot lately, I know this. I'm a fan of his stuff, the style and aesthetics and topics and tropes. Basically the whole she-bang he goes in for, I go in for. What can I say, his stuff has been on my mind lately, his first feature film District 9 did appear on one of my Staff Picks lists recently, after all. To be fair though, it's probably mostly due to the fact that I am very excited for his upcoming film, Elysium, starring everyone's favorite: Matt Damon. I've talked about it all previously, at great length, I know. Anyway, you may remember me mentioning that before he got into features, he made a handful of cool little short films... or maybe you don't... whatever... Either way, here's one of those aforementioned short (very short) films. Check it out.

Seriously, it's really short. Take a look.

Love it,

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