Friday, June 28, 2013

Filmzilla Reprint: Top 5: Comedies

Filmzilla is gone. The store is closed, the movies have been hauled away and its somewhat neglected blog has been wiped from existence like a victim of Newspeak. I posted some stuff there on occasion. Those posts still exist, proof of what once was. I've decided to reprint them here.

 I hope you enjoy...

We have a pretty good sense of humor here at Filmzilla... It's a requirement... So in honor of our enduring patience--I mean... sense of humor, today I thought I'd post my top 5 favorite comedies.

To be honest, I struggled with this list. I'd initially planned to go the usual snarky route and include such notable luminaries of crapdom as the embarrassingly expensive (and even more embarrassingly profitable) Avatar or maybe perhaps the embarrassingly racist Transformers 2, or possibly the plain old embarrassing The Happening. I considered adding such schmaltzy fare as Patch Adams or the somehow schmaltzier Mr. Holland's Opus or maybe the somehow so schmaltzy watching it could give you diabetes: The Blindside. But then I thought, what about thematic messes like Super 8 or bombastic farts like Godfather 3? What about insufferably hilariously pompous crap like Eat, Pray, Love or some terrible foreign film like the confusing oddball of They Came Back or the ridiculously stupid High Tension? And what about creepy films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or crappy ones like the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels or the freak shows like Howard the Duck or Congo or, God forbid I mention it outloud: Halle Berry's Catwoman? Yeesch. Shivers. I mean, really... surely Steven Speilberg or Adam Sandler's entire last decade of films must deserve--nay, DEMAND--a mention, right?

But then I  stopped, realizing that line of thought isn't a rabbit hole we're tumbling down, it's a black hole... so instead, I decided to play it straight.

(Transient and in no particular order, of course...)

5. Ghostbusters
The movie that taught us all: If someone asks you if you're a God, you say yes! Words I live by to this very day.

4. Southpark the Movie
It's weird how this film was written BEFORE George W Bush was ever President, right? That's weird, right?

3. Pee Wee's Big Adventure

2. Super Troopers
Because everybody wants a moustache ride...

1. Young Frankenstein
That's Fronk-en-STEEN!

Special mention: Zoolander

So there you go. If anyone ever asks you what my top 5 favorite comedies are, you'll be able to tell them. And yes, all of these films are currently available at Filmzilla... even the crappy ones.

(Well... not anymore...)

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