Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

I have been sick as a dog these last few days, kids, but now I am slowly clawing my way back. As a result, I'm going to continue trailer time here at This is Mine. It's fun and quick and easy and it takes very little effort on my part, so... yay! Plus, honestly, I have a little bit of a backlog of short films and trailers saved up here, so its just that time, y'know?


The first Thor was... all right, I guess. And that's me being pretty generous. It was actually not that great. I'm not a fan of the type of film where you have your hero and they can do this cool thing, but the majority of the film is mostly them not being able to do whatever that cool thing is, at least until the very end, that is, after having their ass kicked by the main bad guy for a while. Then the hero will suddenly learn a lesson or whatever or find their magic whatchamadigger and then rock-em-sock-em-bing-bang-boom, big action set piece and roll credits. It's really pretty predictable and tired.

Well, that was the first Thor.

The saving grace of the film was the cast. And some of the jokes.

The weird thing is, the regular folks loved it. Loved it. I assume it was due to half-naked Thor and the general smooshing that went on between Black Swan and Thor. In fact, they loved it enough to make it a successful, viable property. Suddenly Thor is a household name. Of course, The Avengers being the third highest grossing film ever helps, but still... This floors me. If you had told 10 years ago that super crazy-ass, sci-fi space god Thor would be known by the Normal Folk out there, I wouldn't have believed it. It's just too weird a property. Do you understand? You might not. Trust me. Thor was once turned into a frog, people, for awhile too, a magic-hammer-wielding, winged-helmet-wearing super frog. There's a Space Horse flying around in space named Beta Ray Bill who once filled in for him. Beta Ray Bill. Google it. It's weird.

And now the second film is on its way.

The franchise takes a sudden left turn. Out of nowhere, Thor 2 looks surprisingly epic. It looks like it takes place less on Earth and more in Asgard and it really looks like it fully embraces the book's odd-ball space god, Jack Kirby genius/Ancient Myth mash-up roots. It's like the Powers-That-Be realized that they somehow managed to sell this crazy property to the public and now they're just gonna take the brakes off and really put the hammer down...

Ahem, my apologies...

But it does look like it might be kind of cool, huh?

Adding it to the list,


Shawn Enderlin said...

So it looks cool, but the trailer doesn't actually tell you anything, aside from the fact that bad things are happening. And that Thor is hot.

It's kind of like watching the previews for Mad Men, which are epically useless. But damn, that Don Draper...

Jon said...

Yeah, I think because it doesn't come out until November, it's still more a teaser than a trailer. Not many plot details, but I like what I'm seeing. Some of the battle stuff looked awesome.