Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Last Bookshop

I don't know much about where this little short film entitled The Last Bookshop comes from, besides perhaps England, obviously. And sure, sure, it's a little twee and self-righteous and the script is more than a little stained with the terrified griping of a Luddite trapped in amber and yeah, maybe the acting is... well... a bit community-theatre-ish, but still... in the end, it's a nice little dystopian sci-fi, magical fairy-tale, love letter to a lost time mash-up that really kind of encapsulates what it is that I want from my writing career and why exactly e-publishing holds absolutely no interest for me.

Check it out.

Ah... books. Books good, yes? Yes, books good. Honestly, there's nothing better than a new stack. Or an old stack either, amirite? Here's my current To-Be-Read pile. My reading partner demanded to appear in the picture.

He was very insistent.


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