Thursday, May 2, 2013

Patton Oswalt is a funny guy

His stand-up is fucking hilarious. The long-form of his Stars Wars filibuster on Parks & Rec recently was incredible. And he was awesome in this last season of Justified, right? So awesome. He writes essays on Geek Culture and Pop Culture that are insightful and funny. Plus, he uses his platform to generally spread a good message. Here is a picture of him with his daughter on Halloween:

He's a good guy. And as a result, he gets to do cool stuff. In the video below, he plays the villainous Penguin in a Funny or Die skit skewering one tiny facet of the rampant and ridiculous boobism that permeates the Nolan Batman series. It's pretty funny. Watch away.



Qlaudie said...

...Also, he was terrific in Young Adult. Viva la Patton!

Jon said...

Totally. And he wrote a book. I've only read the sample, but it was pretty entertaining. I'm planning on buying it once I get my "to be read" pile a little more under control.

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