Friday, April 19, 2013

Man of Steel

Have you seen this yet?

I'm not a big fan of Superman usually. I do like Director Zach Snyder. I loved his re-imagining of Dawn of the Dead. And I really liked Watchmen, despite its myriad flaws. I wasn't a big fan of 300 actually, but that was more due to Frank Miller's hacky bullshit, then Snyder's directing to be honest. Also, I did list Suckerpunch as the worst movie of the year when it came out, calling it one of the dumbest movies ever, so... I guess ultimately Snyder has got more pros than cons when weighed out, but the spectrum swings wildly.


Like I said, I'm not usually a big fan of Superman. Partly because he's boring. He's a hero and that's great, but he's a pure hero and that's kind of boring. There's rarely any inner conflict. He really is a big blue boy scout and I just don't get into that too much. But it's not just that, most of the reason I don't get into Superman is because nobody ever does him completely right. Sure, sure, they've got Clark all bumbling. Sure, sure, they've got Lois smart and stubborn and trouble-prone. Sure, sure, they have the swelling orchestra to go cheek to jowl with him saving a bus full of kids about to fall into a volcano or whatever, but what no one ever does is challenge him. He never has to struggle physically. And somehow, everyone always has a chunk of Kryptonite. Everyone. Like it grows on trees or something.

Blah, blah, blah, fart...

So I wasn't really looking for much out of this. I wasn't even paying attention, honestly. I assumed it would just be one more flub in DC and Time/Warner's long and continued road of mishandling their gold mine of bankable superheroes like a bunch of stupid blind idiots flailing about cluelessly in a dark room, despite having the easy to read map of Marvel's successful example to light their way. That's what I expected.

But then I saw this... and it looks kind of awesome.

I'm interested,

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Shawn Enderlin said...

Woah, no kidding. Completely off my radar. Either that's a brilliant trailer, or that movie has serious potential. Or both!