Saturday, April 20, 2013


In a blatant attempt to produce some content after a long sullen dearth of activity, I have a couple of trailers and short films lined up that I'll be posting over the next week or so for your viewing enjoyment (hopefully). Like yesterday's post, this trailer isn't exactly new, but it is fantastic looking and it took a project I was only marginally aware of and rocketed it to the top of my list.

Right off the bat you can see, Elysium is an original science fiction project, which makes it extra-interesting to me. Most of the sci-fi films we've been getting (and will be getting) these days are either based on an already existing property (or even worse: a really shitty already existing property) or it's a remake. Now, it's a well known fact that I love Marvel's superhero flicks and that I also hearted the re-imagining of Dawn of the Dead big time, but generally speaking, when it comes to the re-makes, or re-imaginings, or even just the movie version of something you can already get in another format... these aren't usually the most interesting or creatively stimulating of projects.

But this? Elysium? This is new.

Or, at least based on less common tropes, but hey... beggars and choosers, amirite?

And it's not the only one out there either. It actually looks like it's going to be a good year for original sci-fi. Okay, maybe Oblivion is all show and no go, but there's still After Earth (maybe), Pacific Rim (Wooo!), Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron!), and The World's End, (Yes!). There's even a new Mad Max and a new Riddick movie... both of which could end up being terrible, sure, but hey... hope springs eternal.

Anyway, not only is Elysium original sci-fi, but it's also the sophomore effort from the Director that brought us District 9, a fun new twist on the aliens-among-us film from way back in '09 that brought a little bit of social allegory along on it's good-time, sci-fi explosion fest of a story, a once long-standing tradition now seemingly forgotten by most of the current output. This time out, it looks like it's a pretty good bet that the allegory is going to be: Class War. Or, the necessity of regular showers... Time will tell. Otherwise it appears to be filled the brim with some good old fashioned sci-fi classics: Dystopian social breakdown. Power-assist exo-skeletons. Orbital Satellite Habitats. Personal space ship hot-rods. Security-droids. All wrapped up in the snug little blanket of the classic heist plot. Basically, it's everything a body needs for an awesome sci-fi breakfast. Plus, Matt Damon is in it. Everybody loves Matt Damon. I love Matt Damon. Especially for saying this.

Anyway, take a look.


Good stuff,

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Shawn Enderlin said...

Woah - kinda cool. And who doesn't like Matt Damon and Jodi Foster - even with that bizzaro Oscar speech.

But the District 9 guy? The movie was f'ed up. Sorta cool, sorta too weird for words.

So I don't know. Let's hope it's good, because like you said, original SciFi!