Saturday, February 9, 2013


In the end, I almost made it a month.

I could fib and claim that it didn't happen. It was a lapse of only a single day, after all. Plus, to be honest, I was pondering how to start a new chapter, but... why bother? I wrote ALMOST every day, that's still pretty good, right?

Good enough, anyway.

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I think they're dumb. I haven't made one in many, many years. Who needs an excuse to disappoint themselves by promising some frankly unobtainable goal they're not really interested in completing in the first place? Most of the world, apparently. But I understand, it's tradition and as such has certain stupid forms and requirements. Mainly: stupid small talk. "What are your New Years resolutions?" is nothing but short-hand for "We are momentarily stuck in close proximity to each other and since we have nothing in common or interesting to talk about, I have to fill the moment with idiot jibber-jabber that I honestly won't even be listening to the answer to, because I don't really care, but the thought of silence makes me so extremely uncomfortable... it's the wind whistling through my head, you see, it's so loud..."

So, when the old yearly inevitability happens, I usually just make up stuff. Something like: "Before the year is out, I swear, I will strangle a Koala to death with my bare hands at a children's party." Or: "To stop wearing the same pants so many days in a row... maybe."

But I digress, I seem to have wandered away from my initial intent...

Back on topic! So, anyway, this year I didn't make a resolution either, but I did decide to try to write everyday. It's not a resolution, because I said it's not. Also, it's something I pretty much do anyway. So that's what I did.

And I almost made it a month.

So now that's done. It was good while it lasted. Moving on... The good news is: my current WIP is progressing. I'm over the 100 page hump now and headed out into what is currently Chapter Six. The next two or three chapters (depending on how things shake out, writing-wise) are a little foggy. I know what is supposed to happen and where I need to be at the end of them. The next few weeks will be all about laying the foundation and building the structure and then going back and knocking away the big chunks that don't need to be there, sanding down some of the corners, and generally shaping up the point of the whole thing. The basic idea is the next few chapters will be concerned with ascendancy, a power struggle and taking over. It'll be about walking the path to the dark side, a little. And secrets. And Finals. It's gonna be a little compressed too, more fast-forward. I will be jumping larger amounts of time than I did in the first six chapters, less day to day and more leaping from moment to moment. Once we're all done there--the book will then be about eight or nine chapters all told--that will be the end of Section Two. Also, just a little extra fyi for ya', I've decided that this book won't be the classic Three Act Structure either, the idea right now is Sections.

Section One is the Train.

Section Two is the Dark College

Section Three is the Tour of Many Worlds

Section Four is the Fugitives

And that should be it. I have a rough estimate of eighteen or so chapters. Nothing set in stone, of course--you never know how things might change while writing a story--but that's the current aim of the very rough and somewhat nebulous outline I have scribbled down. I know where it ends. I know who's there and who isn't. I know the point. And I know the Epilogue. Yes, there's an Epilogue, jerks, and it's there for two reasons.

1. Because I have planted some seeds for a possible follow-up book should that ever come to pass.
2. It's a big middle finger to all the mouth-breathing Troglodytes out there that skip Prologues and Epilogues for no reason, because I think doing that is one of the dumbest things ever.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty confident about the thing right now, even though the next three chapters will probably be a bit rough. It'll work out though, like I said, I know where I'm going and if you know where you're going, you can't be lost for too long. Right? Also, like with my last book, my intent is to finish the first draft of this one by the end of summer. I'm not going to stretch it out either; because this time I'm really on a clock, so yeah, done by the end of August. I can do it. Thirteen or Fourteen more chapters? Eighty to Ninety Thousand more words, give or take? In eight months? Sure, why not? That's do-able. It's totally do-able. And after that? Well, I'll probably be knee-deep in editing for a while after that, a good long while. Three books worth of a good long while. I'm not looking forward to that part, but it has to be done, right? Right. Wish me luck.

Maybe I'll squeeze a few new short stories in too... maybe.


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